Multi-videoconferencing web platform



The aim of this project is to create a collaborative multi-videoconferencing system that provides an efficient way of communication among medical professionals.

The system has to offer virtual rooms where the medical staff can communicate between them, transmitting and receiving audio and video streams from any geographically distant health care center. Furthermore, the platform will allow the creation of e-learning sessions using the videoconferencing tool and the document-sharing feature.

Another objective is to obtain a telemedicine and dependence tele-assistance system through this platform, allowing the communication not only between medical staff but also with domestic users.

Finally, the project has to be based in open source software, fulfilling the security and confidentiality specifications of the public organizations, creating an innovative and sustainable platform that can be easily deployed and integrated with other systems.


In this project, the latest technologies are applied for the development and deployment of multimedia services in the field of eHealth, eDependance, and medical research communities.

The videoconferencing and multimedia transmitting systems have to be adapted to fulfil the security, confidentiality and usability needs as well as the usage over restrictive networks, constraints that imply the deployment of information systems in this kind of environments.


The platform built for this project has to solve the problems arising from the usage of this kind of multi-videoconferencing systems over hostile network environments typically found in public institutions and in health care sector.

The creation of this tool for the health care sector implies the need of establishing a multi-videoconference session easily and without any additional software installation, building a robust, effective and usable tool.

The system must adapt the audio and video streams for each kind of network environments, even with low performance and provide a fluent communication without delay.

01/2008 to 12/2010
73.000 €