I2CAT releases VPN network service

I2CAT team in collaboration with SixSq released the first stable version of the VPN cloud networking service. The service has been implemented with the OpenNaaS- Cyclone Network Services Manager/ Orchestrator (CNSMO) and integrated as an application within the Nuvla appliance, which is a SixSq PaaS product. The service provides with VPN connectivity among the application deployed VMs in order to secure the connection among them despite being in distant DCs. The VPN demonstrator was shown during the last Netfutures’16 event. Based on the OpenNaaS-CNSMO platform the plan is to shortly release additional network services to be used by the CYCLONE project use cases.

CYCLONE, whose technical coordination is being carried out by i2CAT, is a Horizon 2020 innovation action funded by the European Commission which aims at integrating existing cloud management software to allow a unified management of federated clouds.

The CYCLONE software consists of StratusLab, SlipStream, OpenNaaS Core and Extensions, Distributed Cloud Proxy and Broker, and GAAA-TK and SNE-XACML.

CYCLONE integrates Network-as-a-Service, application deployment, service access management as well as end-to-end security solutions. The integration will be validated in diverse application areas, such as bioinformatics, high-energy physics, and cloud application service provisioning.

CYCLONE’s software and tools will:

Facilitate the deployment, management, and use of complex, multi-cloud applications, and enhance the end-to-end security of those applications.


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