Ubiquitous Internet Technology Unit

Ubiquitous Internet Technology Unit


Mobile Internet

Internet is increasingly ubiquitous. The wireless technology allows the connection of everything to Internet: buildings, cities, parks, factories and forests, creating an infrastructure for a smart world.

The Ubiquitous Internet Technologies Unit (UITU) is a tight partnership between i2CAT and the UPC Barcelona Tech that has developed more than 30 projects in the area of wireless communications since 2003. Our main areas of expertise are Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and high capacity wireless access technologies that are key enablers for the future Internet of Things and future 5G systems.

Our expertise spans from the physical design of embedded systems, to the design of scalable platforms for data collection, and algorithms for radio resource management. Among the main market sectors impacted by UITU’s technology we find: Smart Cities, Smart Building, Smart factories and Mobile networks.

Research Challenges

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

Software Defined Wireless Networks (SDWN)