Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer



Technology Transfer Area

In the current environment of globalization, new knowledge generation and its transformation into new products and services is one of the most important challenges in terms of maintaining and improving companies competitiveness.

According to the Lisbon declaration made by the European Commission, universities and research centers are the main agents generating knowledge from their R+D+i. They therefore play an important role in the economic development of the knowledge society.

The Technology Transfer area is responsible for coordinating and stimulating knowledge transfer actions aimed at facilitating the results of the R+D+i developed by different technological areas in i2CAT Foundation to be exploited and marketed by the business sector.

The main activities in the technology transfer area are included in the following fields:
Evaluation of R+D+i
  • Knowledge stock analysis and management
  • Development of a technology portfolio
Intellectual Property Management
  • Define guidelines and mechanisms to protect the results
  • Establish policies for software licensing
  • Coordinate patentability studies
Results valorization
  • Define tools and methodologies to assess the commercial potential of results / technologies
  • Coordinate valorization projects, aimed at achieving demonstrators that allow bringing technology to market
  • Develop market analysis and business plans associated with the technologies to valorize
Technology transfer to the market
  • Promote spin-off creation
  • Negotiate technology licensing contracts
  • Boost R+D on demand activities for technology companies

In order to foster collaboration and technology transfer, and provide solutions to business needs, i2CAT offers the following services:

Marketing and licensing of technologies
  • R+D+I Valorization
  • IPR licensing (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • Prototypes licensing
  • Product Co-development agreements (Open Innovation)
  • Creation of technology-based companies (spin-off)
Services R+D+i on demand
  • Technologies integration and adaptation
  • Prototypes implementation and pilot testing
  • Custom development
  • Technological studies and fasibility tests
  • R+D+I Project Management
Deployment of advanced Internet infrastructure
  • Access to experimental platforms
  • Deployment of proof of concept projects

The mission of the Technology Transfer area is to achieve that knowledge and ICT technologies developed in i2CAT are transformed into products and services. These product and services will both add value to the market and improve companies’ competitiveness.

In order to get this knowledge as quick as possible to the market, it is crucial to establish technological cooperation with companies, where the company will provide the vision of the market and i2CAT the technological knowledge. The main objectives of this approach are:

  • Match technologies and market opportunities.
  • Convert technologies and R+D+i results into added value for companies.
  • Promote the development of market-oriented technology applications.
  • Adapt and apply technologies in new market segments.
  • Provide solutions to industry needs